Step into the world of Tamasha, where the opulent interior design is a grand performance in itself. Inspired by the essence of “Tamasha” meaning a grand performance or drama, owners Mike and Tina envisioned an upscale Indian restaurant, reflecting class, luxury, and modern chic design. The interior, a masterpiece by Tina Vora, an esteemed Interior Designer, and the owner herself, took over a year to meticulously craft each and every design element.

The color palette, dominated by olive green and dark gray , is accentuated by gold and silver touches, and natural wood elements creating an earthy yet luxurious ambiance. Custom-made luxury tabletops made out of Sinter stone with chic look and shine, provides a sophisticated touch. The golden arches create intimate spaces, perfect for a romantic evening. The tall olive green velvet booths with channel backing add an extra layer of luxury.

Every design element, from lighting sculptures to bathroom mirrors, showcases Tina’s unique touch. The attention to detail is evident in every corner. The main dining area boasts a stunning custom-designed metal sculptures comprising of 2300 individual pieces. The design is  inspired by high-end hotel lobbies, comprising a mix of silver and gold metal sheets cut in various abstract shapes. Each piece was manually hung and the installation took over 3 months. 

The Private Dining Room (PDR) features a luxurious walnut brown wood and resin table with a live edge design. It perfectly harmonizes with the velvet gray pleated chairs, enhancing the PDR’s aesthetics. The hanging glass sculptures are custom designed in the PDR as well and are inspired by luxurious hotel lobbies, consisting of around 400 individual pieces. Attention to detail extends to beautiful, modern high-end dinnerware, serveware, flatware with impeccable color scheme that compliments the restaurant design and aesthetics.

Tamasha aspires to awe guests from the moment they enter, immersing them in a world of wonder and delight. With intimate booth seating, luxurious bar, low lighting, and a techno soundtrack, patrons are enveloped in an atmosphere of energy and sophistication. This is more than just dining; it’s a symphony of luxury and grandeur in the heart of Raleigh.