Dress Code Policy


At Tamasha Modern Indian, we ardently devote ourselves to presenting an unparalleled dining milieu that epitomizes our unwavering commitment to excellence. In consonance with this dedication, we have instituted a dress code of the utmost refinement, tailored to cultivate an ambiance of unparalleled sophistication and allure. We graciously request our esteemed guests to adhere to these sartorial guidelines:

1. Business Casual Attire Elegance:

  • Men: Blazers, collared shirts, dress shirts, polo shirts, or turtlenecks, coupled with clean, neatly pressed trousers, jeans, chinos, khakis, non-athletic shorts.
  • Women: Dresses, Blouses, collared shirts, or refined tops, elegantly coupled with dress pants, jeans, skirts, or dressy shorts.


2. Footwear Opulence:

  • Men: Dress shoes, loafers.
  • Women: Dress shoes, heels, sandals, flats.
  • Please refrain from wearing athletic shoes, flip-flops, and beach-style sandals.


3. Prohibited Attire:

  • Clothing with tears or excessive rips.
  • Pajamas, Beachwear or swimwear.
  • Athletic wear, including sweatpants, sports jerseys, and tracksuits.
  • Flip-flops or overly casual footwear.
  • Tank tops and graphic t-shirts with offensive language or imagery.


We sincerely appreciate your cooperation in aligning with our exquisitely curated business casual dress code, thereby elevating the aura of sophistication that defines Tamasha Modern Indian. Thank you for choosing Tamasha, where each dining experience is crafted with the utmost dedication to refinement.

Please be advised that our discerning management retains the privilege to courteously deny entry to individuals not in adherence with our dress code, safeguarding the elevated standards of our distinguished establishment.

Warm Regards,

The Management Team